My Command Music is a Bespoke Music Production Service delivering to you exactly what you want, for whatever you want, simply and efficiently.

Why My Command?
  • Your wish is...
  • Experience. I have a 25 year track record of writing and producing music in just about every genre for just about every situation or type of project
  • Creativity. I can give you music beyond your expectations, because I'm responding to your work
  • Competitive rates. I work to your budget as far as I possibly can
  • Fast turnaround. I understand the need for speed
  • Customer service. I'm at the end of a phone throughout, so everything stays on track

Some of the music you can hear on this site is available for licensing (depending on prior agreements), but it's there primarily for you to hear examples of the work I've done. You can reference the tracks, along with your own ideas, when you enquire.

You can reference any style, or a mix of styles to ensure that you get what you're looking for.

Have a listen to the 5 minute demo at the bottom of the page, the other genre-demos and all the individual examples on the Music page. I
f you like what you hear, get in touch.

Turnaround is usually one or two days for most projects depending on length and complexity.

I look forward to your 
call or email
 to discuss your requirements.